Project Experts

Jason Shriver

Let me introduce myself: my name is Jason Shriver and I am the head of the technical department of BITCOIN 5. We are a very capable team of programmers and information security experts. Each of our employees passed rigorous tests before getting on board, and only those who have confirmed their reliability and high professional competence join our team and are given access to databases in order to protect them from all possible threats in cyberspace. The website of the project BITCOIN5 has several layers of protection. The encryption algorithms we use make hacking and gaining unauthorized access to user's personal accounts fundamentally impossible.

Marcia Jenkins

Hi there! I am Marcia Jenkins, a UMass Doctor of Economics and Head of the Investment Marketing Department of the Bitcoin5 project, created by a few star e-currency experts. Thanks to the ten years of experience in the field of investments under my belt and to my education, I know a thing or two about the matter and can tell you with confidence that the project is headed for success. The company's own funding and the money of private investors are managed by a team of traders selected personally by myself. The marketing plan is designed in such a way as to guarantee each project participant the highest possible returns even with the minimum deposit. Join the number of those who have already started making money by investing their savings and seeing them grow.