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BTC: 9.006036
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BTC: 33.273022
USD: 9598.11

The total profit on day 20 equals
+ 54.45% of the initial deposit amount.

For instance, if you invest 0.1 BTC, within 20 days you will receive a profit of 0.05445 BTC. For a detailed calculation of interest accruals, please use the calculator on the main page of the website. Please note: we do not convert nor peg Bitcoin to USD - rather, the profit is calculated solely in Bitcoin.

On day 20, your deposit is considered completed and is automatically refunded to your personal account balance, from which you can withdraw your money.

  • Deposit term: 20 days
  • Total profit: 54.45%

  • Lower deposit limit: 0.005 BTC
  • Upper deposit limit: unlimited
  • Deposit refunded at the end of the term
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Bitcoin5 means new opportunities for growing your income

Investments. For many people this word sounds like something very far away from the reality they live in. But the majority of those who live their lives to the fullest know very well that only investments open the way to financial independence, growth, and stability.

Smart investments managed by competent professionals can bring stable passive income to the experts in this field as well as to the individuals who have the money but no expertise. Attracting private funding to high-yield investment projects enables millions of people worldwide to make money.

We offer you to join our efforts where our professional expertise will help you increase your financial assets in a stable and efficient manner. Our marketing plan includes daily growth of the interest rate throughout the entire investment cycle. In the end, in just 20 days your funds will grow by 54.45%.

InvestAbout the project  
Jason Shriver

Let me introduce myself: my name is Jason Shriver and I am the head of the technical department of BITCOIN 5. We are a very capable team of programmers and information security experts. Each of our employees passed rigorous tests before getting on board, and only those who have confirmed their reliability and high professional competence join our team and are given access to databases in order to protect them from all possible threats in cyberspace. The website of the project BITCOIN5 has several layers of protection. The encryption algorithms we use make hacking and gaining unauthorized access to user's personal accounts fundamentally impossible.

Your investments, BTC
Net income, BTC
Total to withdraw, BTC

Withdrawal of the initial deposit can be made only after the 20-day investment cycle is fully completed.
Total net income to that date will equal 54.45% of the amount of the initial deposit.

anonimous service

Earning income that constantly grows without piquing the interest of those whose attention you would like to avoid - this opportunity is provided by default to anyone who registers on ourwebsite. We do not disclose information to third parties and do not ask for user identity verification. We use other mechanisms for tracking possible violations of our rules by users, without referring to their legal identity. And the users who follow the rules of our website can be certain that their identity information as well as their funds will be always safe.

protection of your data

Our servers are located in the countries free of strict control by monitoring agencies. We protect our data using the most up-to-date encryption protocols, which totally rule out database hacking and transfer of funds to perpetrators' accounts. Our experience gives us the confidence to say that the technology we use is indeed reliable, since it has been tried and proven by us.

Reliable system
of asset growth

The marketing plan we offer is simple and failsafe. By joinning the Bitcoin5 project, you will get the opportunity to earn stable income and watch your account balance grow every day. The short investment term will enable you to frequently withdraw the amount you need and change the amount of your initial deposit as often as possible.

competence of our team

Our most dependable time-tested asset is the people who work on desinging and developing the Bitcoin5 project. We have many shared achievements made possible thanks to our team members' dedication, responsibility, high competence, and personal desire for the project to succeed.